A spatial analysis of Moscow's Fuel Stations

Access to quality fuel stations is important for drivers in Moscow. Most car owners in the city have their own list of which fuel stations are good and which ones are good. Gas quality is such an issue that the Moscow Government provides a black-list and a white-list of fuel providers in Moscow. The data was made available via its OpenData web site.
The problem with the data available is that there are a lot of address mistakes there are too few fuel stations included in these lists. For a city of 969 square miles (2,510 km²), only 13 fuel stations are marked as “bad” and 79 as “good”. So I wanted to know how many fuel stations are in Moscow at all.


Geographical tasks for bachelor of management

The degree of utilizing geoinformation technology in various fields of business depends on the number of specialists who understand the efficiency of those technologies and possess a certain set of skills for working with them. Are there a lot of geo-technology classes provided in the basic educational programs for the most popular professions, such as business administration, finance and economy, marketing, and analytic professionals, who often become GIS/GEOdata customers? I know a few. Believe me, Geography and GIS aren’t as easy as for Science-students. Initial testing of students as a rule demonstrates different levels of basic geographical knowledge, almost total absence of ideas about GIS, and poor understanding of business administration structure in the geospatial industry.