A Spatial Analysis of Moscow’s Fuel Stations

Access to quality fuel stations is important for drivers in Moscow. Most car owners in the city have their own list of which fuel stations are good and which ones are good. Gas quality is such an issue that the Moscow Government provides a black-list and a white-list of fuel providers in Moscow. The data was made available via its OpenData web site.

The problem with the data available is that there are a lot of address mistakes there are too few fuel stations included in these lists. For a city of 969 square miles (2,510 km²), only 13 fuel stations are marked as “bad” and 79 as “good”. So I wanted to know how many fuel stations are in Moscow at all.

Mapping Fuel Stations in Moscow

As input data the OpenStreetMap (OSM) and the Moscow Government OpenData were used. The OSM data contains not only geotargeted points but also has attributive data like the brand-name of the fuel-stations. It took a lot of manual work to add dozens of fuel stations and to verify their location (on foot, by car, through Yandex (the Russian search engine), Google StreetView, and with high resolution satellite images, etc). While I am not sure that the final map contains all fuel stations, the majority of them have been located and mapped.

You can viewed the results of this project on the web GIS GeoMixer site. This web map is hosted by the Moscow State University Business School server: geo.mgubs.ru. MSU BS is a leading business school in Russia where I taught the course, “Geographical Aspects of Business”. The “Fuel Stations” layer is presented on the “Social infrastructure Map of Moscow” which is actively used in the process of training.

Understanding the Impact of Fuel Stations in Moscow

The issue of the fuel stations locations was analyzed from the perspective of four aspects: spatial location, economic, environment, and road safety.

Spatial location of Fuel Stations in Moscow

Fuel stations localization is traced along the main highways which connect Moscow with the Moscow region and along the Moscow Ring Road.

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