Sberbank announces Open Data Project


Sberbank today is the circulatory system of the Russian economy, accounting for one third of its banking system. The Bank provides employment and a source of income for every 150th Russian family. The leader of Russian banking industry accounts for 28.6% of aggregate banking assets (as of August 1, 2015).

The Bank is the key lender to the Russian economy and the biggest receiver of deposits in Russia: 44.9% of retail deposits, 37.7% of retail loans and 32.7% of loans to corporate customers account for Sberbank as of August 1, 2015.

Sberbank announces Open Data Project — the information product based on Big Data analysing. The data sets include agregation information about financial activity of the bank clients.
For today, you can easily download info about: amount of household loan, loan on mortgage, requests for credit, average wage, average retiring pension, depositations, etc. Data are available for each Russian region since January 1, 2015.