GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2016


The study "GfK Purchasing Power Europe 2016" is available for 42 European countries at detailed regional levels such as municipalities and postcodes, along with seamlessly fitting data on inhabitants and households as well as digital maps.

Purchasing power is a measure of per-capita disposable income after the deduction of taxes and social security contributions and including any received state benefits. The study indicates per-person, per-year purchasing power levels in euros and as an index value. GfK Purchasing Power refers to nominal disposable income, which means values are not adjusted for inflation. The study draws on statistics on income and tax levels, government benefits and forecasts by economic institutes.

Consumers draw from their general purchasing power to cover expenses related to eating, living, services, energy, private pensions and insurance as well as other expenditures, such as vacation, mobility and consumer purchases.

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